Publications / Press

11/2016 Publication: CELL DEATH AND DIFFERENTIATION (2016), 1–17: Strong antitumor synergy between DNA crosslinking and HSP90 inhibition causes massive premitoticDNA fragmentation in ovarian cancer cells. Kramer D, Stark N, Schulz-Heddergott R, Erytch N, Edmunds S, Roßmann L, Bastians H, Concin N, Moll UM, Dobbelstein M. doi: 10.1038/cdd.2016.124. [Epub ahead of print] PMID: 27834954;
07/2016 Press release by Angle PLC / UK on its cooperation with the GANNET53 consortium regarding sample analysing. 28.07.2016 Press release
01/2016 Article in MED INN Magazin der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck: “Das mutierte Wächter-Gen [The mutated guardian of the genome].” (in German) Article
10/2015 Article in FORUM MEDIZIN. Die Zeitung für medizinische Forschung, Lehre und Krankenversorgung. Supplement to Tiroler Tageszeitung [Tyrolean daily newspaper]: “Eierstockkrebs: Innovative Therapie. Erste Ergebnisse bei EU-Projekt GANNET53. [Ovarian cancer: innovative therapy. First results from EU project GANNET53].” (in German) Article
08/2015 Press release by Medical University of Innsbruck “Innovative Behandlung von Eierstockkrebs: Erste Ergebnisse bei EU-Projekt GANNET53” [Innovative Treatment of Ovarian Cancer: First Results in the GANNET53 EU project] 17.08.2015}
08/2015 Article in Der STANDARD [Austrian daily newspaper]: “Eierstockkrebs: Therapie für Frauen, die sonst chancenlos sind“ [Ovarian cancer: a therapy for woman with rare changes]; (in German) Link
06/2015 Press release by Synta Pharmaceuticals: “First Patient Enrolled in Phase 2 Portion of GANNET53 Study of Ganetespib in Ovarian Cancer” Press release
04/2015 Article published in Jatros HÄMATOLOGIE & ONKOLOGIE 4/15, p.230ff: “Innovative Therapie des Ovarialkarzinoms. p53-basierte Therapieansätze finden Einzug in die Klinik.“ Article
04/2015 Article in “Gyn-Aktiv” [Austrian gynaecological journal], issue 02/2015: “Status aktueller AGO Studien: GANNET53 [Status of ongoing AGO trials]“
12/2014 Article in “TIROLER BAUERNZEITUNG” [Tyrolean farmers’ journal], issue 50: “Frauen und Krebs – ein höchst aktuelles Thema“ [women and cancer – a most topical subject] (in German) Article
12/2014 Article in DER MEDICUS, Journal der Hochschülerschaft an der Medizinischen Universität Innsbruck [journal of the students association at Innsbruck Medical University]; interview with Nicole Concin; issue 03/2014 (in German) Article
07/2014 Article in DIE PRESSE [Austrian daily newspaper]: “Krebsgen unter der Lupe” [cancer gene under the microscope] (in German) Article
05/2014 Article in GYN-AKTIV [Austrian gynaecological journal], issue 02/2014: “Auswahl aktueller AGO Studien” [Selected AGO trials] (in German) Article
05/2014 Article in TIROLER TAGESZEITUNG [Austrian daily newspaper]: „Mit neuem Medikament den stillen Krebs aufhalten” [Stop the silent cancer with new drug]
05/2014 Article in ECHO – Tirols erstes Nachrichtenmagazin [Tyrolean monthly magazine], issue 05/2014 (in German): “Innovative Wege” [innovative approaches] Article
04/2014 Special supplement in DER STANDARD [Austrian daily newspaper]: “FFG Forschungsefolge” [Austrian Research Promotion Agency: achievements in research] (in German)
04/2014 Article in Annual Report 2013 of the Austrian Research Promotion Agency FFG; presentation of the GANNET53 project
01/2014 Press release by SYNTA PHARMACEUTICALS Press release
12/2013 Article in the online magazine “JOURNAL ONKOLOGIE” [oncologic journal]; Link
12/2013 Article in DER STANDARD [Austrian daily newspaper] (in German): “Rasterfandung in Krebszellen” [Dragnet investigation in cancer cells] (in German) Article
11/2013 Press information by STANDORTAGENTUR TIROL [Public agency of the Province of Tyrol/Austria for economic and scientific affairs] (in German) Press information
11/2013 Press release by the GANNET53 CONSORTIUM (in German) Press release

Events / Presentations

01/2017 5th GANNET53 Consortium Meeting, Innsbruck, Austria
11/2016 AMP 2016 Annual Meeting, Charlotte, NC / USA; Abstract and Poster: “The use of a hybridisation-based NGS enrichment panel for the confident identification of a broad range of low frequency variants from as little as 50ng of challenging clinical research FFPE samples.” Poster
05/2016 Seventh Gynaecological Cancer Academy in Copenhagen/Denmark; Lecture held by Prof Nicole Concin: Title: “Molecular basis of ovarian cancer and therapeutic implications: p53”
01/2016 4th GANNET53 Consortium Meeting, Frankfurt, Germany Image
01/2016 19. Onkologischer Alpengipfel; 10.-12.9.2015; 40 Jahre translationale Forschung an der Frauenklinik Innsbruck, 40 Jahre Labor für Klinische Biochemie; Wissenschaftliche Rück- und Ausblicke; Presentation of the GANNET53 Clinical Trial
10/2015 1st Ovarian Cancer Academy, 4th - 7th October 2015, Cluj-Napoca, Romania; Presentation held by Nicole Concin: “p53: targeting ovarian cancer at its roots”
10/2015 19th International Meeting of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO 2015) in Nice, France, October 24-27, 2015; Presentation held by Nicole Concin in the session “New Targeted Treatments in Gynaecological Cancers”; Title: “Targeting HSP-90 in gynaecological cancer”
05/2015 ASCO Meeting 2015, Chicago, Illinois; Abstract and poster presented by Prof. Isabelle Ray-Coquard (P7): “Part I of GANNET53: A multicentre phase I/II trial of the Hsp90 inhibitor Ganetespib (G) combined with weekly Paclitaxel (P) in women with high-grade serous, high-grade endometrioid, or undifferentiated, platinum-resistant epithelial ovarian, fallopian tube or primary peritoneal cancer”. Poster
04/2015 8. International Charité-Mayo-Conference: Updates in Gynecology: A Global Perspective; Berlin/Germany; Lecture held by Prof.Nicole Concin: “p53: targeting ovarian cancer at its roots”
04/2015 Lecture held by Prof Nicole Concin at the IOR - Institute of Oncology Research, Bellinzona, Switzerland: “Targeting p53: attacking ovarian cancer at the roots”
03/2015 9e Rencontres Scientifiques du GINECO in Paris/France; lecture held by Nicole Concin (P1); Title: “Targeting p53: attacking ovarian cancer cell at the roots”
01/2015 3rd GANNET53 Consortium Meeting, Leuven, Belgium. GANNET53 consortium in Leuven
11/2014 Forum Land [lecture series organised by the Tyrolean Farmers’ Association]; lecture held by Nicole Concin in Pettna, Tyrol, Austria: “Neue Therapien bei Eierstockkrebs”[new therapies for ovarian cancer]
09/2014 Fourth Gynaecological cancer academy (GCA) Workshop in Frankfurt/Germany, Lecture held by Nicole Concin: “Inhibiting the gain-of-function of mutated p53”
06/2014 16th International p53 Workshop, Stockholm, Sweden. Lecture held by Ute M. Moll (P11/UMG-GOE): “Exploiting tumor cell addiction to mutant p53 by pharmacological inhibition of the HSP90 chaperone axis in knocking mouse moddels”; Link:
04/2014 2nd GANNET53 Consortium Meeting - Kick-off of Phase I Trial, Lyon, France. Agenda GANNET53 consortium in Lyon
03/2014 Ringvorlesung Gendermedizin Onkologie [lecture series on oncological gender medicine] at Medical University of Innsbruck, Austria; Lecture given by Nicole Concin to a non-scientific audience: „p53-basierte Therapiestrategien bei Patientinnen mit Ovarialkarzinom“ [p53-based therapies for patients with ovarian cancer] Program
11/2013 Tiroler Standort Lunch in Vienna, Austria [event organized by the province of Tyrol to foster Tyrol as as econcomic and scientific location]; Nicole Concin presents the GANNET53 project: “GANNET53 - Eierstockkrebs innovativ therapieren“ [GANNET53 – innovative therapy for ovarian cancer] Program
10/2013 17th Oncologic Summit, Loas, Tyrol, Austria. Lecture: “The tumor-promoting aspect of mutated p53 - therapeutic implications” Program
10/2013 18th International Meeting of the European Society of Gynaecological Oncology (ESGO), Liverpool, UK. Poster
10/2013 GANNET53 Kick-off Meeting, Frankfurt, Germany. Agenda